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The Clan Chisholm Artifacts Report


Index to Clan Chisholm registered Artifacts

Artifact or Artefact?
The Oxford English Dictionary describes the two spellings:
Artefact is considered the "English" spelling (cf arterial, artesan, etc), while
Artifact is considered the "Colonial" spelling (cf artificial, arti...)

1Military BugleBugle from c1880 in New Zealand
In private ownership in New Zealand
2Small Oak BoxWith inscription "The Chisholm"
In private ownership in England
3Sheriffmuir ClaymoreClaymore used at the Battle of Sheriffmuir
In private ownership in Canada
4Crystal DecanterWine decanter with Chisholm inscriptionxxx
In private ownership in the United States
5Clan Chisholm location markersStone markers laid at Culloden
Located on the battlefield
6Gallery Paintingsfrom the 19th century
Located in galleries in Canada and Scotland
7Mullardoch StoneAlso known as The Chisholm Stone
Located on the shores of Loch Mullardoch
8Fireplace SurroundFrom Erchless Castle
Privately owned in Canada
9BroadswordsAndrea Ferrera swords from the 18th century
Displayed in the Inverness Town House
10Chisholm Estate LettersFactor's correspondence with Erchless owner
Privately owned in Scotland
11Armorial BookplatesBookplates of James Chisholme and Gilbert Chisholme
of the ancient Chisholme family of that Ilk
12Tartan CloakHeavy cloak known as "The Chisholm Cloak"
Located in the West Highland Museum in Fort William
13Oak Kilt BoxWith "Chief of Chisholm" etched on brass plate
Privately owned in Scotland
14Tablecloth & NapkinsInscription probably James Sutherland Chisholm
Privately owned in the United States
15Cupboard DoorInscribed with Feros Ferio
Location unknown
16Silver Shield PlateInscribed with Chisholm crest
In private ownership in England
17Highland Flintlock Dress PistolsWith "An Siosalach" inscription
In private ownership in the United Kingdom
18Letters of JuniusTwo volumes of letters with annotations by Colin Chisholm
In private ownership in Canada
19Gun FlintsFrom 1850's
In private ownership in Scotland
20Scott Chisholme ManuscriptManuscript of John James Scott-Chisholme
Cavalry Officer in the Second Anglo-Boer War
21Waterloo Silver SpoonsAcquired by Stewart Chisholm after Waterloo
Located in the National War Museum
22Medlam FilesChisholm history research notes from Wilfred Medlam
Genealogical research from the 1960's
23Armorial BookplateRoderick Donald Matheson Chisholm
Located in Oakville Museum in Canada
24Relics from Vaison in FranceBishops Willam Chisholm, 1600
The two Chisholm Bishops in France during the Reformation
25Dirk and Sword FragmentsAttributed to Hugh Chisholm after Culloden
Located in Inverness Museum
25aSkean DhuOrnamented dress dirk
Presented by The Black Watch
26Sporting GunRoderick Donald Matheson Chisholm
Privately owned in England
28Soldier in ParachuteMemorabilia of Miss Mairi Chisholm
Located in Hotel Ariane in Ypres, Belgium
29The Madonnas of PervyseStatue of Mairi Chisholm, Elsie Knocker and Shot
Located in the gardens of Hotel Ariane, Ypres, Belgium
30Recordings for PosterityRecordings made in the 1950's in Inverness
Copies exist in Australia and New Zealand
31The Struy StoneMemorial to William Chisholm, Standard Bearer at Culloden
Located in Strathglass
32"A Day That is Dead"Family history of Captain Archibald Macra Chisholm
Digital copy avaiable
33"The Clan Chisholm"An American family history by Harriette Thrasher, 1832
privately held
34"Fifty Years Syne"History of the Presbyterian Church in New Zealand, 1898
Privately held in New Zealand
35"The Mission of Strathglass"Memoir of the Mission published in 1850
Privately held in Canada
35aBill of ExchangePresented to Major Chisholm in Senegal
Privately held
36"Memoir of The Chisholm"The life of Alexander William Chisholm, 25th Clan Chief
Held in The National Library of Scotland
37Medals of Miss Mairi ChisholmAwards from World War One
Privately held