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Sheriffmuir Claymore

Sheriffmuir Claymore

Presenting the claymore are Duncan J.Chisholm in the background with the late Rod.J.Chisholm to the left and Colin MacIntosh on the right. The claymore is now in private hands in Canada.

The information comes from Duncan J. Chisholm from Brossard, Quebec who informs that the owner of the sword was the late Colin Macintosh of Lower South River, Antigonish but the present owner is unknown. Ray MacLean in his book "The History of Antigonish Vol 2" stated that Will Dan MacIntosh still had his great-grandfather's curved sword, and his Scottish Dirk, the latter a formidable weapon with about fifteen inches of steel and an intricately curved wooden handle. He also had his great-grandfather's shaving box, a large decorated contained with a hinged mirror inside the cover. On 6 October, 1999, Duncan J. Chisholm accompanied by Rod Chisholm from Antigonish visited Colin MacIntosh in Lower South River outside of Antigonish and saw the sword, dirk and shaving box, which contained three straight razors. Colin stated that these items were passed down from John "Og" MacIntosh, a son of Alexander MacIntosh who was married to Catherine Chisholm, a sister of Colin Chisholm.

(Reference: History of the Chisholms by Alexander Mackenzie, page 135).IV.
Colin Chisholm fought both at Sheriffmuir and at Culloden. In after life, he showed great attachment to the arms which he carried, and, from all accounts, very effectively used on these occasions. When after the 'Forty-five the Disarming Act, which compelled the Highlanders to give up their arms, was passed, Colin succeeded in evading the law, and by a ruse, to keep his highly treasured weapons. Before his death he enjoined upon his family to take the greatest care of his claymores in particular, an injunction which has been faithfully given effect to. That which he used at Sheriffmuir is in possession of one of his descendants in Nova Scotia, and the other, used at Culloden, a heavy weapon of Solingen manufacture, is carefully preserved by his great-grandson in Inverness.

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