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Genealogy Project

The purpose of The Clan Chisholm Society Genealogy initiative is to preserve the heritage of our Scottish clan through the creation and implementation of a worldwide database of Clan Chisholm genealogy records.

Genealogy Project & Family History Research

The Clan Chisholm Society's Branch Genealogists are collecting family tree data that will be merged into an international database in an effort to facilitate genealogical research by making these records accessible to our members.

Many members state that their main reason for joining the Clan Chisholm Society is to discover the history of the clan and specifically, their own ancestors. Discovering the history of families and the line of descent from their ancestors invokes the discipline known as genealogy. To assist our members in their genealogical pursuits the Society has embarked on a three-pronged approach (think of a three-legged stool) all three legs are required to make the appliance useful). These initiatives are:

The Chisholm Genealogies Web Site

Chisholm Genealogies International

DNA Surname Project

Branch Genealogists

To assist you with your family history research each branch has an official Branch Genealogist. Here is the list of current Branch Genealogists