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Chisholm Genealogies International
(aka The Forum)

Chisholm Genealogies International (CGI) is a Bulletin Board adapted to the needs of its members viz. genealogists, researchers, historians, a DNA molecular biologist and, most importantly, branch members like yourself.

The Forum

The CGI Bulletin Board, affectionately referred to as the Forum, is a communications vehicle for handling the envisaged debates as individuals attempt to define and substantiate family trees. It gives us the ability to keep topics threaded together, send instant messages, post graphics and generally keep a topic flowing even though we suffer a twelve hour time difference with some members.

With the advent of the Forum, members of the Clan Chisholm Society now have a facility that up until now has been missing. They can now not only interact with fellow members but also interact with authors who wrote articles in, for example, the Clan Chisholm Journal. Until now readers had no method of raising questions or expressing their own viewpoint.

The CGI is an "open forum" i.e., it is open to all members of the general public. The reason for this approach is we want to encourage inquiries from those Chisholms who are not members of the Clan Chisholm Society (CCS) but who have information about their family. Otherwise, we could miss out on some vital information. Hopefully, these individuals will then see their way clear towards joining the CCS.

The Chisholm Genealogies International Forum is available here.