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The Clan Chisholm Society


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Executive Clan Council

President: Robert Chisholm | Email
Vice President: David Holmes | Email
Vice President: Kim Polley OAM| Email
Secretary/Treasurer: Susan Chisholm of Chisholm | Email

Representatives/Branch Presidents

In general, Branch Representatives (referred to at the branch level as Branch Presidents or Branch Chairpersons) serve as Clan Council Representatives. Exceptions are noted.

Council Representative Kim Polley OAM| Email
Branch President: Tony Morrison | Email

Branch President and Council Representative: David Holmes | Email

New Zealand
Council Representative: Fay D. Chisholm | Email
Branch President: John C. Ross, Ph.D. | Email

United Kingdom
Branch President and Council Representative: Ben Chisholm Broomfield | Email

United States
Branch President and Council Representative: Joyel Chisholm Morris | Email

Non-Governing Council Members

Clan Chisholm Artifacts Register Project Chair: Fay D. Chisholm | Email
Chisholm Chronicles Editor: Dr. Margaret Collin | Email
Clan Chisholm Journal Editor: Martin Chisholm | Email
Genealogy Database, Forum Administrator and Clan Council Liaison: Alastair Chisholm (England) | Email
Counsel: Judge Marc C. Chisholm
Historian: Jean Dunlop Munro
Webmaster: Alastair Chisholm (Belgium) | Email
DNA Project Administration: Robert Chisholm | Email

Co-Opted Council Members

Immediate Past President: Juliette Chisholm-Broomfield | Email
Co-Opted Council Member: Forbes Merritt Chisholm | Email
Co-Opted Council Member: Duncan Chisholm | Email