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Susan Chisholm

Secretary / Treasurer

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About Susan

Susan Chisholm was born in 1957 and raised on the family farm in Suffolk, England with brother Hamish and three sisters Theresa, Claire and Lucy. As eldest daughter of Chief Alastair, Susan and her siblings were always aware of their Scottish heritage, becoming members of the Clan Chisholm Society as junior members. The family would holiday in Scotland most years, and they attended many gatherings and highland games. On their coming of age, their aunt Mairi gave Hamish and Susan life memberships of the Society, a good move as it kept them in touch at a time when life holds many other interests.

After leaving school, Susan worked first for a pharmaceutical company before going into brewing, where she now runs the laboratories for a successful brewing and pub retail company in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Susan's involvement as an officer of the Society began after the 1996 International Gathering. Her uncle Ruari was concerned that the younger generation were not playing a big enough part. Susan was invited to a council meeting in early 1998 and eventually took on the roles of secretary and treasurer.

Susan still lives in Suffolk, near to her mother and very near to Hamish and his family and to Claire and her family.