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Chisholm Genealogies Web Site

The Chisholm Genealogies Web Site Project Team and the Clan Council of the Clan Chisholm Society (CCS) are proud to announce that access to the Chisholm Genealogies Web Site is now available to ‘members in good standing’ of the CCS.

General Announcement

If you are a paid up ‘member in good standing’ of one of the five branches of the Clan Chisholm Society (CCS), you are invited to sign up for the privilege of gaining access to ancestral documentation organized around family trees. Further, you can place new or corrected information about your family on the associated database, subject to verification of facts by our panel of expert genealogists.

What is The Chisholm Genealogies web site?

The Chisholm Genealogies web site is devoted to uncovering the past and forging yet undiscovered links to Chisholm family history. It is a repository and navigational aid to a database of integrated genealogical information organized around family trees. Members with authorized access are able to search the database for links to their family tree. In addition, they can add to the database with new information on their family trees that has been verified by the genealogical experts who are responsible for the administration and maintenance of the database.

Additional functionality includes the ability to post and subsequently access a variety of media types including: photos, documents, headstones (includes photos and ancillary information), histories, recordings, videos and albums. All of these media types can be directly linked to individual family members and provide a richness to family history not otherwise available using only the printed word.

Please note that on a global basis family tree information can only be uploaded to the database by the Master Database Administrator. However, with the prior approval of the Master Database Administrator, anyone who elects to run and maintain their own family tree (FT) can upload information but only to their own FT. Please note that any FT information that is presented for inclusion into the database has to be in GEDCOM format. This is the internationally recognized format for transferring FT files. This capability is present in all popular brands of genealogical software.

Other than that the database is ‘read only’ to the general membership, i.e., you can read, print and even download the information but you cannot change it. The database is intended to contain only officially sanctioned family trees. So if you have genealogical information that you feel belongs on the database, or if you require assistance in verifying your family tree, please contact your local Branch Genealogist. Our Master Database Administrator reminds us that members can also download information from their own FT but they will have to be computer literate to do so as they will have to be familiar with FTP protocols.

How can I get access to the web site?

The Chisholm Genealogies web site is up and running with access currently provided to the project team members and Clan Council. A significant number of family trees have been verified by the core group of genealogists and uploaded to the database

In order to provide access to the general membership of the Clan Chisholm Society members in good standing (meaning membership dues are paid and current) are encouraged to register online for an account. To do so you must know the password for your branch. This password ensures that only bona fide members in good standing are authorized to gain access to the family tree information contained on the web site. The password can be obtained from your Branch Membership Director or Branch Genealogist. You are now ready to establish your personal account by following the steps below:

  1. Click on the link below and a new page opens with the heading Register for New User Account. Complete all of the fields on the New User Information form by filling in the requested information.
  2. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when completing the form. The first field labeled Branch Code is where you enter the branch password that you were given by your branch representative (this is a one time entry which validates you as a member in good standing of your branch). The third field labeled Password is for your personal password (used in conjunction with your Username to verify who your are for subsequent visits to the web site). On completion of all Required fields (labeled with an asterisk), and any other information which you feel inclined to provide, click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page.
Click here to access the site.

Project Team

Finally, here is a short history of the project and an acknowledgement of our hardworking project team.

Despite many years of effort and a number of attempts, the Society and their Branch Genealogists could not come up with a workable solution that would satisfy the clan’s requirements. In 2007, Bob Chisholm, (at that time the UK Branch Genealogist), discovered a web based software product that had the potential to meet the requirements of the Branch Genealogists. It took some time to convince his peers that he had discovered a far superior product and approach. However, he persevered and eventually a majority of the genealogists became converts. The next step for Bob was to garner support from the Clan Council. This he did in late 2007 and the project was re-formed in early 2008.

The Project Team consists of the Consultative Group and one individual from the Clan Council who acts as the Project Liaison.

Consultative Group

Project Liason

Happy ancestor hunting!!!

The Chisholm Genealogies Web Site Project Team
Clan Council, Clan Chisholm Society