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Memoir of the Mission in Strathglass

Memoir of The Mission in Strathglass

This is a fragile copy of the memoir "A Memoir of the Mission in Strathglass" published in 1850 by John Boyd in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.
It has an introduction by the Reverend John Joseph Chisholm who was the parish priest at Heatherton, Nova Scotia at the time.

It also has a dedication on the front cover to Reverend D.J.MacDonald with the compliments of Reverend J.J.Chisholm.

The book was not written by John Boyd - he simply reprinted it. The actual author was Father Angus MacKenzie, parish priest of Eskadale. It appeared in the "Scotch Directory" of 1846, and was reprinted by John Boyd in 1850.

A cached transcript can be found at ""

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