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Gallery Paintings, Scotland

Erchless Castle Gentleman in Highland Dress Cigarette Silk
John LivingstoneJohn Williamson

The watercolour of Erchless Castle (by John Livingstone) was purchased from a Gallery in Vancouver, Canada recently.
The watercolour "Chisholm Gentleman in Highland Dress" (by John Williamson) was found in the McEwan Gallery in Scotland in the 90's. The print was part of a book of prints that were made by John Williamson around 1890 for kilt makers to show their wares.
The small "cigarette silk"dates from 1922 and shows the tartan and coat-of-arms of the Chisholm Clan"

Note on John Williamson fl.1885-1896
Edinburgh painter in oil and watercolour of portraits and figure subjects, also ilustrator. Specialised in costume subjects, working in Edinburgh 1885-1890 from 6 Shanwick Place and in London from 1893 at 48 Flanders Road, Bedford Park. Illustrated Reed's "Kilgonan"(1894) and contributed to "The English Illustrated Magazine"(1895-1896). Refined delineation, accurate detail and considerable sensitvity, somewhat in the manner of Kenneth Macleay. Exhibited Royal Academy (4)including the portrait of 'Mariella, daughter of Professor F/York Powell' (1895), also RSA (11) and RBA (1)
From: Dictionary of Scottish Art and Architecture by Peter J. McEwan

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