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Small Oak Box

Small Oak Box, England

The Small Oak Box has the inscription "The Chisholm". It is 13" wide, by 11" deep by 10" high. It has brass handles either side, a brass lock (no key) and a brass plaque on its hinged lid with the inscription "The Chisholm". Inside are four (empty) trays with oval shaped, blue felt-lined cut-outs for some kind of tableware. I don't believe the box has any intrinsic value - the construction is well made but simple - not high quality joinery.
As far as can be recalled, it was found some 30-35 years ago in a junk shop somewhere in England. Its origins were unknown, but it was assumed it had come from a ship of that name.
However had the box might belonged to the Chief himself, it would most likely have had the "Chisholm" crest on it. Also because it shows "The Chisholm" in inverted commas, it was always felt to be more likely to have been a ship's name.

Above is an image of the SS Clan Chisholm in one of its incarnations. This was apparently the one that was sunk by a U-boat off Ushant during the war.

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