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Waterloo Silver Spoons, England

Waterloo Silver Spoons, England

The spoons are stamped with the family crest of Assistant Surgeon Stewart Chisholm, his initials and the words "Waterloo Prize Money", showing his pride in the source of his expensive cutlery service.
They were made in 1817 or 1818 by Edinburgh goldsmiths Charles Dalgleish.

As a 21 year old assistant surgeon, serving with the Ordnance Medical Department at the Battle of Waterloo, Chisholm would have been entitled to a sum of around £35 (about £1,500 in today's terms).
Prize money was shared out among the victorious allied armies, from a huge cash indemnity which France was required to pay under the terms of the Treaty of Paris. The prize money was divided up according to rank - ageneral officer received over £1,250; a private soldier £2.11.4d.

In later life Chisholm saw active service again during the 1837 rebellions in Canada. He retired in 1858 as Senior Surgeon in the Royal Artillary and Deputy Inspector General of Army Hospitals.

The spoons are on display in the National War Museum.

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