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Clan Chisholm Society
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Recordings for posterity

Recordings for posterity

An important memorabilia of music and tales recorded on reel-to-reel tapes by Hamish Tait in Inverness as a record for posterity.

The recordings contain a series of tales by Captain William McKay, late factor of the Chisholm Estates in Strathglass, as well as a short talk by Miss Mairi Chisholm on the foundation of the Clan Chisholm Society.
There is also some bagpipe music played by Pipe Major Callum Chisholm of Inverness. The tunes include "The Chisholm Salute","Erchless Castle","Alicia Chisholm","Miss Mairi Chisholm of Chisholm","The Chisholm's Black Chanter" and "Lament for William Chisholm".

The contents of the tapes were later transferred to 75rpm vinyl and produced in small quantities in Edinburgh in 1967.
Today a copy exists on MP3 media and is held in New Zealand.

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