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Artifacts Project

The Artifacts Project was designed to preserve the knowledge, legend and stories of items relevant to the history of the Clan Chisholm.

We need your help!!!

Fay Chisholm (the Clan Council Artifact Coordinator) requests the help of all Clan Chisholm members to promote and spread the word of the Clan Chisholm Register of Artifacts that are held both in public and private collections.

A large number of items were taken from homes during the clearances, and as families emigrated they took with them items that had been in the family for many years, such as a set of granddad's pipes, the piano that was made by hand by a family member, among others. Items like that we would like to register in order to preserve their history. At the moment, the artifacts register has record of a handful of items, including a bugle, a decanter, and a sword, all with strong Clan connections.

Along with the reprint of the McKenzie book, the compilation of the Chisholm Chronicles, and now the Artifact Register, we as members can foster and preserve the history of these items representing our past. The project plan is included below for your review.

Some of the currently registered artifacts can be viewed here

For further information, please contact Fay Chisholm:

Artifact Register Project Plan of Action

Purpose: To document items of interest to those of Chisholm descent; these items may be in public museums or in private collections.

NOTE: No family photos, certificates, family histories or personal papers belonging to families. These should be held in the branch archives.

Items held in private collections: A full description of what the item is, address where it is kept and by whom it is owned. This information will NOT be publicly available.

Website: Only the co-ordinators name, email and postal address will be available. For privacy and security purposes, no information regarding the artifacts, their owners, or locations will be available online.

Collation of information
To collate information about artifacts, the following details will be requred for the register:

Once submissions are received in writting on the official form, they will be collated into a register by category (e.g. swords, pipes, furniture). Once this list is compiled in the register, it will be held by the Clan Council Secretary. The Co-ordinator will also hold a special file on disc only. All infomation will be kept confidential, and is for register purposes only.

Coordinators Responsibility
No information will be release to a third party inquiry regarding the registered artifacts. In order to maintain the privacy of the owner, upon receiving a request, the owner of the item will be contacted by the coordinator and given the details of the request. It will be up to the owner if they would like the coordinator to put them in contact with the requestor.