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Book Review: Chisholm Pioneers
in Colonial New Zealand

By Roger E. Chisholm Batten

From the 2001 Clan Chisholm Journal. Vol. 44, p. 4.

New Zealand Chisholms ­ A New History

This project, titled Chisholm Pioneers in Colonial New Zealand: Initial studies into their background, migration and settlement, was initially conceived as New Zealand's contribution to the Clan Chisholm Society's 50th Anniversary Gathering. The result is a readable, lucid and illuminating chronicle of early pioneering Chisholms in New Zealand and their descendants. Audrey Barney, New Zealand's Clan Historian, has written about these early New Zealand Chisholms using the results of her own detailed research over many years, as well as that of those Chisholms who were able to contribute their own family histories.

This 225 page history, the effort of many Chisholms, is to be highly recommended.

Ceud Mile Taing–A Hundred Thousand Thanks to all concerned!

Refrence info and links:
Barney, Audrey. CHISHOLM PIONEERS IN COLONIAL NEW ZEALAND. Orewa, privately printed, 2001.

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