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Membership Information

Clan Chisholm descendants of all spellings of the name (Chisholm, Chisolm, Chism, Chisum, etc.) are invited to join The Clan Chisholm Society. It's a great way to learn more about your Scottish heritage and Chisholm ancestry.

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US Branch Membership

Regular membership benefits include subscriptions to the Society's Clan Chisholm Journal (an annual publication), the US Branch newsletter (a semi-annual publication), and the Branch Membership Directory (a bi-annual publication), as well as participation in the Genealogy Project and International Gatherings.
An ID card and lapel pin are also provided.

Membership Categories and Dues

Annual memberships are for the calendar year. Dues are payable January 1st.

Annual Dues
Clan Chisholm Journal
US Branch Newsletter
US Branch Membership Directory
Junior (under 18 yrs.)

If you're interested in joining the US Branch, please download and print the US Branch Membership Form.

New Members

New Members 2019

Louise Ann WhiteRichard C. KingSheryl McCarty Goodman
Colleen McCartyTerry AshbyWiiliam H. Holsapple
Meagan ChisumJesse ChisumSandra Smith
Bruce MacIntoshRhondra Pierce

Junior Members

Gavin ChisholmDarwin ChisholmTyler Chisholm
Austin ChisholmSummer Chisholm

New Members 2018

Casey Allen KarelsWendy S. FerriterMichelle Brewer
Christopher KnutsonJohn Valentine Chisholm IIIRichard Capwell Dean
Jim ShermanMary Chisholm CurtinCatherine Jones
Abigail SimmonsCharlotte JonesSydney Simmons
Michael JonesElizabeth JonesConnor Jones