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Ceud Mìle Fàilte !

One Hundred Thousand Welcomes to the official website for the descendants of the Scottish Clan Chisholm !

Current News

The American-Scottish Foundation

The American-Scottish Foundation announces the annual Tartan Parade in New York City on April 7th during Tartan Week.

Further details are on the US home page or visit their events page here

Restoration Appeal - St.Mary's Church, Eskadale, Scotland

This iconic church, steeped in Chisholm history, is badly in need of restoration funds.

Further details and a history of the church are present on our UK home page

The Great War Centenary Project

As part of the World War One Centenary commemorations, Clan Chisholm Society has prepared a memorial booklet in honour of the many clansmen who gave their lives in Flanders during World War One.

The introduction and a short summary of the booklet can be found here and the complete version here.

Compiled by Robert Chisholm of Auckland, New Zealand, this memorial booklet is the first in a series which is intended to cover other regions in the conflict; including France and the Middle East.

Volume 1Flanders
Volume 2Middle East
Volume 3France part 1
Volume 4France part 2
Volume 5Home country burials and memorials

Publication of a new book "Escape of Bonnie Prince Charlie"

A new book on the escape of Bonnie Prince Charlie has been published and a flyer is available here. There is mention of the seven men of Glenmoriston and the exploits of the three Chisholm brothers Alexander, Donald and Hugh.

An earlier book "No Quarter Given" has an article by Clan Historian Dr. Jean Munro on Clan Chisholm involvement at Culloden.

Publication of a new book - The Merchant of Sydney

A new book has recently been published in Australia telling the rags-to-riches story of James Chisholm (1772-1837).
The flyer for the book is shown here and further information on purchase of the book can be obtained here.

Proposed Wind-Farm developments near Erchless and Tomich

The proposal for a wind farm on Beinn Mhor near Tomich and Glen Affric was rejected by the Scottish Government on 9th July.

Also an appeal raised by the proposed developers was abandoned later in 2015.

See the UK page for more details.

Handspunweaves and Highland Handwovens

Norman and Christina Chisholm have developed a range of Chisholm tartans and products.

You can see some of them here.

Monument for Mairi Chisholm

News of the monument for Mairi Chisholm - which was unveiled in November - can be found here, on the UK branch page.

"The Clan Chisholm Society in Australia 1790-1990"

A copy of the book with this title has been requested by The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Heritage Library but unfortunately the book is now out of print. If any member has a spare copy, it would be most gratefully received by the Library.
Please send details (and an invoice) to
The Community Liaison Librarian,
ACT Heritage Library,
c/o Woden Public Library,
L1, 12 Corinna Street,
Woden ACT 2606,
See here for a brief overview.

The Artifacts Project

The Clan Chisholm Society needs your help! In our Artifacts Register Project we aim to provide a central storage of information regarding the history of items relevant to the history of the Clan Chisholm. You can view a few of the items so far registered here. For more information, or if have an item you would like to register, please click here.

Project Updates

Quite a bit of progress has been made on some Society projects.
The Chisholm Genealogies International Forum site is worth visiting. This is the Society's FORUM. If you are a CHISHOLM or have any interesting facts on Chisholms join the forum now ! There is no cost involved and the site is open to non-members as well.
Please check out too Clan History, the Genealogy and the DNA Project pages for more information.

Erchless Castle

A link has been added describing Erchless Castle, the ancestral home of the Chisholms in Strathglass.
Clan members are reminded that they should seek approval from the owners before entering the castle grounds. (See further details on the linked article.)

Would you like to know more about the founder of the Society?

The Society has learned of a new book about Mairi Chisholm and Elsie Knocker, and their heroic service in Belgium during World War I. Mairi was responsible for the revitalization of the Society in the 1950s. Check out this flyer (PDF) for details. Currently the book is only available in the UK and Europe, but we are looking into how to get the book elsewhere.

Please contact Susan Chisholm if you'd like any more information.

The Culloden Walk

The Society has acquired a stone in the Culloden Walk leading up to the new Visitor Centre at Culloden Moor. This part of the Culloden Walk is another reminder of the Chisholm's place in this part of Scottish history.

New Chisholm Tartan Approved

The US Branch is proud to announce the approval of the Chisholm Colonial Tartan! Congratulations to Kat Moore of Lenexa, Kansas, USA! Check out the US Branch home page for more details.

The DNA Surname Project

*** There is a DNA surname project underway which includes the Scottish name Chisholm! To learn more about the project you can go directly to the Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) Chisholm project page by clicking here (page opens in new window) or you can view/download the latest report, "Blood of the Clan" here.
The FTDNA project is administered by an independent group of Society members, and officially supported by the Clan Council. Information is also available in some of the branch newsletters. Many of our members have joined this exciting project on their own. We encourage you to check out this website and to think about joining this project to help unravel the past and protect the future for Chisholms.