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Clan Chisholm Society
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Culloden Stone

Culloden Marker Stone and Signpost, Scotland

On the left one of the new marker stones laid on the main pathway at the Culloden Visitor Centre marking the positions of some of the clans, including the Chisholms (Na Siosalaich), at the outset of the battle.
On the right the previous signpost marker which was donated to the Clan Chisholm Society by The National Trust for Scotland in 2007.

Inscription on Marker Stone

To the left of this point stood:

Clann Chatain
Clan Chattan
Clann Raghnaild
Clann Fhearchair
Clann Domhnaill na Ceapaich
Clann Lachlainn
Clann Domhnaill Ghlinne Garadh
Glen Garry
Clann Ghill Eathain
Reiseamaid Ghleann Bhuichead
Clann MhicLeoid
Reiseamaid Dhiuc Pheairt
Duke of Perth's
Na Siosalaich

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